CMY, W-DMX/RDM/Artnet/5-35 zoom




The Frost Hybrid Spot is the «swiss army knife» of the series, taking all the features you find in the Frost Beam, and adds a 350W White Osram LED with >90% spot evenness, CMY colour mixing with dichroic filters, linear CTO filter, Art-Net in/out, ArtNet2DMX, 5-35 degree zoom range, 4-facet prism with bi-directional rotation, linear motorised focus and zoom and a frost filter.

In other words, the perfect all-in -one beam-spot-wash fixture. Control is managed through both 3-and 5-pin DMX with support for RDM, Art-Net in/out on Ethercon RJ45 and built in W-DMX from Wireless Solution in Sweden.


Technical specifications


Light output:

Lux @ 5m 116666

LED type 1 x 350W Osram Ostar

LED color white

Control signal type: DMX/RDM/W-DMX/ArtNet

Number of DMX channels 25(Standard),20(Basic)



Beam angle, 5-35°

Rotating Gobo: 8 gobos + white

Static gobo: 12 gobos + white

Colorwheel: 8 dichroic-filters + white, rainbow-flow effect

Color: CMY + CTO

Prism: 1 x 4-facet w/bi-directional rotation

Iris: 5-100% linearly adjustable with macro

Focus: motorised linear focus

Zoom: motorized linear focus:

1 frost filter



DMX: 3 & 5 pin in/out

Power: Powercon true 1 in/out

Certification: CE, MET

Snow Frost Hybrid Spot

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